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Giulio Boero


Born in 1972, Turin transplanted in the province of Cuneo, as a young man shows his feeling and interest in the world of computer handling at the age of 12 the first C16, MSX and ZX Spectrum with discrete expertise, changing the most banal games listed in basic to bend them to his needs (color, ease, score); He graduated in 1992 and immediately enrolled at the Polytechnic of Turin, electronics engineering; in parallel he participated in various seminars organized in academia on "quantum computing" (applied quantum computing hardware) and worked as a freelancer as installer / maintainer hardware / software / network and developed its technological skill on the job . In this context, he touched for the first time the client-server technology infrastructure by performing various client deployment of Windows NT - 2000 using technology Unicenter TNG on Windows NT Server.
Graduation arrives in 2003 with an optoelectronic experimental thesis topic  ("Study of diffraction gratings for laser tunable") .
The work experience is next with a leading technology retailer where he refines the relationship with the audience and perfects the ability to "customer care" at the user level. Still plays the role of "Hi tech Engineer" where it is developed to the highest level the skill of problem solving and working for goals, needing to install, configure, and perform on-site assistance and training on X-ray machines for quality control nondestructive . THE ICT professional career begins in 2003, in which it participates with profit in several seminars/courses in single sign on systems, access security on different platforms. He participates in Microsoft official courses on the administration of Exchange Server 2003 and on the network infrastructure with Windows Server 2003 and a training course for the Administration of Linux systems. On-the-job experience is strengthen in particular on issues of network, backup-recovery of data on computer security and server virtualization using VMware virtual infrastructure with construction of complex, web server for network monitoring and for ' Hardware Inventory. He Plans and manages time and resources for a domain migration of 600+ client topology WAN environment from Windows 2000 Active Directory - Exchange 5.5 to Windows 2003 Active Directory - Exchange 2003.
Thanks to the experience in the management of internal processes is also involved in drawing up the procedure for the areas of information systems outsourcing and system support. He cares also the presentation used during ISO 9001: 2000 audit. As part of outsourcing contract he deals to support the client company in writing of ICT policies, procedures and standards.
Upon completion of this first phase of development of operational management ranks enrollment ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) and the participation in specialized courses and refresher seminars on issues of IS / IT Audit, Risk Management, Risk assessment, Network Security and Information Security. A refinement of this route come in 2007, with CISA (Certified Information System Auditor) and participation in ISACA International Conference on Network Security held in Frankfurt with the presence of the world's leading experts in the field.
The change of employer in 2010 strengthens the skills of technical management with configuration and system administration on HP Blade Center platform (VMware vSphere middleware). On the other hand he supports writing of the corporate IT policies for ISO27001 certification. In 2011, he enforces security, controls and audit skills reaching certification CRISC (Certified Information System Risk Control) targeted risk management in IT, and the certificate for the course privacy for IT system administrators. Last tech task completed was a migration from Exchange 2k3 monoserver to a structure with two Exchange 2010 servers to share the roles of storage and links to posts and implementation of a system for hot backup of virtual machines using the vSphere infrastructure 'use of the software Dell-Quest vRanger. He continues its training in ICT control and management obtaining ITIL v3 certification in 2013, June. 









The Vision

ICT is a sector that fatally chasing the latest in technology; for this reason, it is often held up as a source of unnecessary costs from the company management, when does the need for ICT security investments. The same management that, just as often, requires the very latest technologies to not look bad in some way with their competitors.
There is therefore a unique internal conflict; a hand requires the latest technology, the other does not want to spend to put it in safety. How to fix it? With an effective system of corporate ICT policies, procedures and standards that prevents the root cause of the problems; with an effective system of training to the staff on IT security risks  and, last but not least, with an efficient system of compliance controls carried out by a professional auditor



Worldwide ICT is seen as a cost and never as an opportunity; my vision is that with a focused investment on people and not on technology for its own sake it's possible to get the maximum return on the business and therefore the maximum market competitiveness